happy vet project vet yogi
14 min
Sometimes the outside world doesn’t exactly understand why veterinarian staff is so stressed out, having such a noble, beautiful, and meaningful profession. Caring and curing is a unique way of interpreting and relating to the outside world but drains out so much from health professionals that burnout is something to be considered. An unhealthy mental status of part of the veterinarian collective is, as we know, an issue that we avoid addressing, but mostly… lack the ability to recognize and prevent, with the consequences we all know. Through this simple yet powerful meditation to perfect repeatedly for self-knowledge and motivation, Cris invites you to acknowledge your struggles aligning them to your values, needs, and talents, and become a more balanced version of you. Use it whenever you are starting a new project, or if you feel stuck and unhappy, if you feel lost or if you’re simply considering different options about the future.
11 min
In this introductory podcast to meditation in relation to yoga, we explain the physiological basis of this mental state and the different stages that need to be learned and practiced to use it as a daily tool. The good news is that once you understand how to control your mind and focus, it is a technique that you can improve and enhance with time to bring you a lot of good, calm, and well-being.